Elements Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Back Massage

In aromatherapy, massage aids the absorption of essential oils into the skin, and is the most important tool available to an aromatherapist. Every treatment is different because every client is different.

I use aromatherapy massage combining techniques from traditional Swedish massage, Hawaiian massage and a variety of other styles, personalising each massage treatment to the individual needs of you and your body. Remedial massage work is used where needed, but is not the primary focus. With over 15 years of massage experience, my philosophy is that, in using massage to remind the body how to relax, we can relax overly tight muscles without using painful deep techniques.

Every treatment is different because every client is different.

Why Aromatherapy Massage?

  • You'll receive the benefits of essential oils in a relaxing, effective way.
  • You're left feeling relaxed and calm.
  • Your stress, anxiety and tension are reduced.
  • Your feeling of well-being improves.
  • You'll get relief from muscle tension and stiffness, and increased ease of movement.
  • Your tension-related or eye-strain headaches are relieved.
  • You'll receive the ultimate in overall health maintenance.
  • You'll feel great.

What To Expect

At your first appointment we will discuss your health history, including any medical conditions, current medications, supplements, and concerns. We will also discuss your physical, mental, and emotional states.

This is used as a basis for selecting the appropriate essential oils for you. The remainder of your appointment will consist of an aromatherapy massage. All you need to do is lie back, relax, and enjoy.

After your aromatherapy massage you will be offered a glass of water or lemon and barley to help you rehydrate.

To get the most from each massage, it is recommended that clients have a shower prior to treatment, rather than following. This gives the essential oils the optimum absorption time, for best results. If possible, avoid caffeinated drinks before receiving a massage, as this may hamper your relaxation. If you wear contact lenses you may find it preferable to remove them for the massage. Having comfortable clothing to wear after your massage may help your continued relaxation.

The best massage I've ever had.
- Vivienne