What To Expect

At your first consultation we will discuss what you want to achieve, as well as take a full case history of your health, including any medical conditions, current medications, supplements, and concerns. Most of your first appointment will be the two of us talking, and the focus is on getting as much information as possible about your health.

In some cases a physical examination may be needed, such as blood pressure or zinc testing.

This information is used as a basis for choosing the treatment options that are right for you.

At your second appointment we will discuss the treatment plan that I have designed for you, and begin to implement it in stages. Every treatment is different because every client is different. You may be given dietary changes to take on over the next few weeks, or an herbal medicine to take. Exercises may be suggested or lifestyle changes recommended.

A follow-up appointment is recommended, usually after 3 to 6 weeks, to check how you’re doing. Other suggestions may be made at this time, depending on your progress.

Some people may need check-ups every few months, while others may need only one or two.

Your progress depends on you and your commitment to making the recommended changes. You are in control of your health; I simply aid this by providing information and support.