What is Preconception Care?

Preconception care is a programme for (ideally) both prospective parents, which is aimed at:

  • increasing the likelihood of conception
  • improving your pregnancy outcomes
  • optimising the health of your baby

The basis of Preconception Care is restoring optimum health by ensuring an adequate supply - through diet, lifestyle and supplementation - of all essential nutritional factors known to be vital for the health of your sperm and ova, and for optimum development for your baby.

For optimum results, Preconception Care should begin at least four months prior to your intended conception to ensure the health of your sperm and ova. Ova and sperm are susceptible to damage from illness, toxins (pollutants, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol) and nutritional deficiencies during their period of maturation - approximately 116 days for sperm and approximately 100 days before ovulation for ova. What you do today will impact on the quality of your sperm and ova in four months time!

Preconception Care includes the use of:

  • natural medicines such as nutritional supplements and individualised herbal formulations
  • education about dietary and lifestyle changes, detoxification, and stress management
  • cycle charting (for hormonal and nutritional status) and timing techniques