Prenatal Aromatherapy Care

  • Massaging your abdomen, breasts and thighs with essential oils, such as neroli or mandarin, twice daily from your fifth month onwards can reduce stretch marks. Carrier oils such as avocado are especially nourishing for your skin, and can enhance the blend's effectiveness.
  • Adding 3 or 4 drops of an essential oil to a warm bath makes an enjoyable and relaxing experience during your pregnancy. Remember to avoid essential oils not recommended for use during pregnancy, and don't have a hot bath.
  • As your pregnancy progresses aromatherapy massage can help ease aches and pains, as well as help you to keep in touch with your changing body.
    Regular massage of your legs will help to reduce any fluid retention and ease the tiredness that accompanies varicose veins.
    Over time being comfortable during a massage will mean changing positions. As your pregnancy progresses you may find that lying on your side is more comfortable, and eventually you may need to lean forward on a chair for a back massage.
    Remember that being comfortable is an important part of relaxing.